09 September 2012

Hand Hugs

I do love wristwarmers. Yes, they look cool but I wear them for practicality as well. It seems every office in which I've worked over the past many years has been cold. Be it from poor heating in winter or, as is currently the case, from over zealous air conditioning in summer, the result is the same. My wrists and finger joints ache from constant keyboarding in uncomfortable climates. So, I knit and wear a wide variety of fingerless gloves. They really do help.
My most recently completely pair is from the PassionKnit kit purchased at the Knitalong. This was my first experience knitting with Koigu and I must say that I loved it.  The ply is nice and tight, yet so smooth. The yarn holds a rib and a cable beautifully. The gloves actually hug my tired wrists and hands. And these colours are just a delight. The knit was a delight from start to finish and the end product is even more so.
There's a little yarn left over so I'm making a Barbie outfit. It's almost completed so a doll fashion photo shoot is surely in the near future.

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