01 March 2008

The Post - Astrologically Speaking

Does anyone else read Freewill Astrology by Rob Brezsny, the syndicated horoscope? While I don't read it as a great predictor of my future, I find his phrasing, his mythological and literary references, and his often just plain cryptic teasing, to be a great jumping off point for further reflection. The seeds of other discussions.

Example: In late December the column suggested that in 2008 Gemini should do less numbing of pain and instead "launch a fierce, relentless campaign to heal the pain so that you no longer have to numb it". Those who know me , know that I did a lot of numbing of a lot of pain in 2007. And 2006...and 2005...

I was already working on this problem when the column came out. It seemed omen-like, or at least a reinforcement that I was on the right track.

Now this week, there is encouragement to story tell. To share "adventures in redemption", the riddles of the quest. Doing so, the column continues, will give "the exact boost you need to open fully to the next great story in your life".

This, at a time when I have been pondering The Post. I've been working through my shit in my journal forever, sorting it out, categorizing, making sense. Yet, the urge to put it here so that it is public (even if only three people read it) has been strong. I wonder why? Does public recording take experiences and feelings from the realm of the theoretical, and make them more real, more valid?
I just recently listened to the episode of Cast On in which Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl, was a guest. She spoke extensively about her blogging process. I was surprised to hear that she rarely writes of the deeply personal events as they are happening. She works through them first, then records her story in the blog several months later. The perceived immediacy of her writing, and hence, the impact of the story, are apparently enhanced by the calmness of perspective. This seems a wise approach.

So when is this perspective achieved? And how to balance the measuring of readiness against the instinct to share? Yes, I have a small, common story. In it is some knitting and other stuff. I whisper my story across the country through email to my best friend and mumble it over wine with some Toronto friends. Yet when, if ever, is it time to type it into public record to become The Post?

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Marin (AntiM) said...

Surely journaling/blogging is (are?) like grieving: everybody has to do it in her own way and nobody's way is wrong.

Unlike Laurie, I tend to blurt. I'll admit I've experienced mild discomfort (like that surgical kind doctors talk about) over things I already put out there, but at the time, it's generally what I need to get my mind and psyche working toward a solution for me.

So do your own thing, sister-girl. Whatever feels right probably is right.