04 November 2007

Went To The Fair

Yesterday was the annual visit to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We made many new friends including this girl who was convinced she was a household pet and wanted to come home with us. It is dairy goat weekend. The sheep arrive later this week.Yarniness was represented by these two alpacas and one llama who wouldn't stand still for a photo.
I bought no yarn as I still have some natural llama, like the skeins below, left from last year. I did fall in love with some black alpaca yarn, but it was for display only. Sniff.
However, what's the Royal without some shopping? Just look at all the beautiful food products available from Ontario. There's wine from Muskoka, wild rice from Keewatin and jam from Parry Sound. In the fridge is a lovely goat cheese and a piece of Georgian Bay smoked fish. I feel a bit like the guy in the commercial;
"Good things grow-ow-ow...in Ontario."

1 comment:

koko puff said...

Ah man, now that song is stuck in my head...AGAIN!

PS. That *new* wool store on Ossington that you blogged about...it's gone :(

I tried to go there on Sunday and there is a sign that they've gone back to the farm BUT may have an on-line presence soon. The socks in the window were the only thing left...very nice colours, too!