10 September 2006

Sunday Evening Knitting News

My final Secret Pal 8 package arrived this week and I found out that my spoiler is J at canKNITian. Check out her blog. It's got that balance of funny at times, personal but not too personal at others and gloriously crafty, that makes for a truly interesting knit blog. Also, her spoiler was the lovely Krista the Silent K of Toronto. What a small world.
This package really knocked me flat. I had a teeny lump in my throat going through the contents (I was having a very emotional day).

Inside were two balls of stunning yarn, one Regia sock and the other a precious blue Fiddlesticks wool/silk blend. The Florence Scarves Fiddlesticks pattern was included so I don't need to mull over a project for the yarn. J also found a vintage fisherman knit pattern booklet. Years ago I wore out a fisherman sweater. I'd forgotten about it until I saw this booklet. Perhaps it's time I had another one? The whole package smelled delicious from the citrus soaps. They're almost too pretty to use...almost...
What really got to me though, was the map of PEI. I had mentioned in the mini questionnaire, that I'd always wanted to go there. Coincidentally, J has just been there so she sent me the map along with a bookmark from PEI based
Cows Dairy and some photos of beach rocks.
Thank you so much J! Now please join my sidebar.

I have decided not to join the next round of Secret Pal. It's such fun and I do enjoy it. However, it falls over the Christmas season when time and money are tight already. I'll do SP10 for sure next winter.

This week I also knit Perdita - Lily of the Valley, a knitty.com pattern. I used the handpainted silk J sent in the first package. It turned out to be not the perfect yarn choice for a wristand. I wore it all day yesterday and by day's end, the yarn had softened up so much that Perdita was quite loose and floppy. I don't care though. I still love it. I did make some small modifications to the pattern. I found the beading instruction to pull the bead through to the right side on a knit far too fussy and difficult. So I used the Stich and Bitch Nation method of drawing the bead up on the wrong side purl. Much easier. Also, because of the softness of the yarn, I found I needed three button to keep it closed properly instead of the recomended two.


canknitian said...

I am BEYOND THRILLED that you enjoyed your package, and flattered by your comments about my blog.

I'm really glad you liked the items from PEI. Did I tell you / did you know that the sock yarn is Regia Canadiana in the PEI colourway too? I bought myself a ball of it, too, and started another pair of jaywalkers with it.

Miss Scarlett said...

Your Perdita is cool. The colourway adds a lot - too bad about the stretching though. What a shame.
I ordered a kit from Earthfaire that I have yet to do. Looks like fun though. I have never beaded and knit together. I am curious.
Good tip about the tutorial.

koko puff said...

You are a lucky lady, Yvette! What a score! It's all great, but I am especially envious of the Fiddlesticks pattern and yarn; I was eyeballing it at the Knitters' Fair...