10 June 2006

A Package! For Me?

Thank you, thank to my Secret Pal 8. A package of delights arrived Friday. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love, love, love getting parcels in the mail. This one includes a juicy citrus bath bomb, an excellent Moleskin notebook and a birthday card! Check out the hand painted silk! The colour! The texture! This is something I would never buy for myself, which makes it extra special. Any ideas on what might be the best use for it? Something light and meshy, maybe?
My 'gifter' pal lives on the East coast. My 'giftee' pal lives on the West coast. I'm grabbing a spot of joy contemplating this cross-country connection of knitters, with me in the middle.

Knowing that I collect older magazines, SP8 also included a 1979 Good Housekeeping Needlecraft, from her own stash! What fun. Look at this shawl inside (ignore the oh so shiny Farrah hair). Wouldn't this be lovely knit slightly looser with a soft natural fiber? I will definitely make this.


secret mcsecretson said...

Yay! I'm so glad it arrived and that you're enjoying it. I had a lot of fun choosing things for you. :) :)

Oh, and I'm glad you found something to love in the magazine. No doubt you recognized the "clue" as soon as you opened the package.


Tammy said...

What great gifties and happy birthday!!
Your SP8 hostess Tammy