18 September 2006

Rocking 1975

A while back I picked up this new/old magazine for a few dollars. 1975 indeed!

I actually quite like the green sweater jacket. It's either timeless or back in style - I can't decide which. What I totally dig is the hat. The instructions are quite simple and I intend to knit it.

I admit a weakness for feather and fan. Picture the third sweater in different colours, a bit shorter, and knit with yarn that's not a petroleum product. Cute? Or is it just me?

The crocheted dresses are included solely for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to wear these garments at home (or anywhere else).


canknitian said...

I think the feather and fan is cute. I can't help it! Definitely shorter, and definitely in a not-so-melty yarn. :)

Miss Scarlett said...

I love that hat! I was checking it out before I read on.
The feather and fan is nice - good call to go with the non-petroleum fibre. Spontaneous combustion shouldn't be something you really have to worry about while knitting.

Penny said...

I know someone who wears a jacket just like the feather and fan one: in turquoise and browns.