22 July 2006

One Rainy Weekend, I Blocked A Shawl

Diamond Fantasy Shawl - Sivia Harding Knit Design
Jojoland Melody %100 wool 50g(200m), 3 skeins
Pony 60 cm, 3.75mm circulars
I wish I could take credit for the fabulous blocking idea but I can't. I read about it one night when blog surfing. Some amazingly clever knitter came up with the idea of blocking on these foam interlocking baby mat squares. Her logic was that one can create the approximate size and shape required for each project and they come apart for easy storage. I discovered an added benefit. The squares create a grid making the pinning easy peasy. The shawl above is pinned out in a perfect triangle. How cool is that?
I purchased the foam squares in the toy section of Dollarama. I love these things with a passionate love.
This shawl is the most intricate thing I have ever knit and I'm so damn proud of it! Sadly, the yarn is a bit itchy so wearing it with bare shoulders is pretty much out of the question. However, I do adore the colours. This morning, I took advantage of some meager sunlight to shoot this baby in the garden.

Hangin on the front porch with the baby tree.

Draped attractively over the cherry tomatoes.

Beneath the grapes.

Admiring the tomatoes - Jet Stars.


Not An Artist said...

Gorgeous! Almost as perfect as Stephs, or maybe better! See how much undying love you get offered when dancing around at the next knit night ;)

koko puff said...

Yvette, it is gorgeous! Let me spare you the itchiness...I have a very high tolerance for these things! I promise, I would give it a good home!

mjm knitting said...

bawvIt's beautiful Yvette. Well done! Yet another item to add to my "some day i will knit my own" list.

mjm knitting said...

oops-please ignore the bawv, the first word in my previous post should be "It's"

Kelly said...

Beautiful shawl and great idea about the blocks!

Anna said...

Oh my. I'm so jealous! I've started and stop TWO different shawls, and just didn't have the patience to finish either of them. Either way, I LOVE the variegated colors and how they flow with the design shawl. Beautiful work and thanks for stopping by Anna's Yarn Mansion!

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Yvette, just beautiful. I love the colors!

secret mcsecretson said...

It looks wonderful! Congratulations on your big accomplishment -- and overcoming the frustrations you had with the project too!

Thanks for the tip re: blocking and the dollarama. I can think of a few projects where those blocks could come in handy. :)

Laurie said...

Great shawl, and those blocks are a clever idea. I've yet to knit anything that really requires much blocking, but I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind. Surely wearing that stylish piece of knitwear will attract many more admirers if you wear it the next knit night!
(psst... Laurie... not Lori - but I'm still tickled you remembered my name!)

Anonymous said...

really beautiful, i love the stripes. The blocking idea is great too!

Anonymous said...