23 April 2006

Frolic Score

As promised, here are the photos of yesterday's haul. Yes I purchased a fair amount but it was all at drastically reduced prices and within my budget. I had a little surprise cash infusion last week (unexpected GST refund cheque arrived) so I treated myself guilt free.

This Briggs Little worsted wool comes in a huge selection of colours and is a product of Canada. I couldn't decide which of the colours I liked best, so I bought a bunch.

Some of these skeins will end up as Denise Powell's Persian Slippers. The daughter insisted on this pattern book and I'm glad she did. Too cute.

Got 500 grams of mauve merino/alpaca blend from Grand River yarns. It will became some sort of sweater for the daughter. She looks great in this colour (It is actually more vibrant than in the photo but it's hard to get true colour on such a grey day.

Everyone got a free sample of Eucalon at the door. Got these great buttons at one booth and the beads at another. The kitty buttons will end up on the mauve daughter sweater. The Fleece Artist was a raffle prize! It is incredibly soft and it is cool to be able to say I own some FA. I'm not wild about this shade of green though. Into the stash it goes for future consideration.


koko puff said...

What a great day the frolic was! I scored pretty well, too. And I won a good raffle prize too - sweaterskits Funky Flower Pullover and Hat kit for a tot. I think your Fleece Artist yarn is beautiful! Don't worry, it will tell you what it wants to be.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Fleece Artist!!!

Your SP 12 pal