21 February 2006

I Am an Olympian!

It's done and I quite love it. I ended up doing only nine repeats of the pattern plus 4 extra rows to make the two edges match. It's plenty long enough.

To the left is another close up of the stitches - a better photo of the colour than my previous attempt but, still not quite capturing the depth and beauty of this yarn.

Below, the lovely scarf is enjoying this afternoon's chilly sunshine in my disaster of a yard.
On to the closing ceremonies!


Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

The scarf turned out lovely. Great job, Yvette. I love the waves and the color goes well with it...reminds me of the deep blue ocean.

Keep an eye out for that package.

Best wishes,
Your SP7

The Silent K said...

I love it. I always admired that pattern but I haven't knitted it yet. Yours turned out beautifully!