28 May 2017

Sunday Outing

I couldn`t sleep the other night. At one in the morning I found myself sitting at the dining table, playing computer solitaire. Then I heard sirens. Then I smelled something. Leaning over the balcony I saw why. A huge fire was burning in the port lands - a 6 alarm blaze as we later learned. The garbage and recycling transfer station was completely engulfed. I debated waking my partner then decided I`d better as he`d never see such a thing again. The two of us watched the building disappear as dozen of emergency vehicles clearly were engaged in containing - not stopping - the blaze.

This morning, and a beautiful morning it was, we rode our bikes down to survey the damage. The tallest building in the above photo is ours. This is what`s left of a warehouse that was a block in size.

Amazing. Without taking a step I can see this, my favourite view of the city. I just turn on my heels and face slightly more west.

We continued south to Cherry Beach and then to the Spit. The water is record breaking high this spring. The morning was cool, sunny and just windy enough to make nature dance. Our legs were pleasantly tired when we returned home.

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