14 January 2017

New Year

The coming of a new year makes me feel somewhat obligated to write some sort of piece on the theme. However I find myself with little to say. Rather, I may have a lot to say but no appropriate words. The holiday season was exhausting, involving as it did a string of obligations mixed with disappointments. 
So I choose for now, to be quiet. I am however, making, making, making. Many projects are on the needles. I knit every day, sometimes for several hours and that's enough until my voice and other enthusiasms return. 


Julie Crawford said...

The holidays are a hard season for so many, but it's like the overall theme of it is to be merry and bright, so we all just hide the disappointment and exhaustion that it brings. Here's to a new year, and new making. Winter is a perfect time for quiet making.

steph said...

beautiful calming new knit for the new year....i like it! I just started a hap using the same lovely ivory colour---perfect for the winter season.