26 January 2017

George Street Diner at Dusk

"The waitress turns on the lights: it is barely two o'clock, but the sky is black, she no longer has enough light to sew by. A soft glow; people are in their houses, they have probably turned on their lights too. They read, they look out of the window at the sky. For them ... it's different. They have grown older in another way. They live in the midst of legacies and presents, and each piece of furniture is a souvenir. Clocks, medallions, portraits, shells, paper-weights, screens, shawls. They have cupboards full of bottles, material, old clothes, newspapers; they have kept everything. The past is a property-owner's luxury.  
 Where should I keep mine? You can't put your past in your pocket..."
Jean-Paul Sartre
Nausea, 1938 

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