31 December 2016

Festive Hats

I made  a lovely hat for The Daughter for Christmas but wrapped it before getting a photo. What a shame. So, of course, I cast on another hat. This time it's lovely and natural wool from Topsy Farms. It is so full of lanolin that it is actually moisturizing my fingers as I knit. What could be better in the cold dry winter?

23 December 2016

Season's Greetings

 Well, winter has arrived here in Condo-land. Our favourite walk to look at the city became a glorious ice palace last week. Thankfully we are warm and safe in our little space. The groceries are in the fridge, the wine is ready, the presents are wrapped and are waiting the arrival of their recipients tomorrow. I have one more shift at work tonight and then it is officially the holidays here.

Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season my friends.

11 December 2016

A Gift Completed

Pattern: Firefly by Jennifer Hagan
The Knitter's Book of Socks
Here is the latest pair of socks blocking on water bottles. I don't usually block socks but these being the Christmas gift to the person who pays The Daughter's salary, it seemed appropriate. It really is a pretty green, isn't it?

04 December 2016

Seventies Nightie Chic

I've gotten into the habit of, when a loved piece of clothing finally wears beyond repair, clipping a swatch of the fabric to keep. So, when my favourite cotton nightshirt completely fell apart this summer I cut a square of the blue paisley from the hem for future use. I knew I wanted it to be a paper doll dress.

Examining the swatch last weekend, I was reminded of those patchwork skirts and vests the older girls wore when I was a child in the 70's. Have you seen them? They were fashioned from shades of denim and various red and blue handkerchiefs? Add gold hoop earrings and sandals. I thought those girls were so pretty.

This is my little craft homage to the style. Instead of handkerchiefs and denim, we have wrapping paper, magazine clipping, and nightie scrap. Ephemera made on a gloomy afternoon.