27 October 2016

Sock Yarn. Darn.

Cute pun in the title, right? No? Ah well.

Hiilarity ensued at the LYS on Tuesday. The Daughter has asked me, once again, to knit socks for a friend as a Christmas gift. Crikey. Of course I said yes, because I love pressure.

As I was passing the LYS that day, I texted her. Why don't I snap a few photos and she can tell me which yarn to buy? What colours does the friend like? 
Green, pink, purple and gray? I grab every solid and semi solid of those colours (except gray. I just can't knit to deadline with gray) and start snapping.

Well after much texting back and forth and photo taking, we had it narrowed down to these two. My feet hurt. I'm hot, I want to go home for tea. She is taking forever to decide and respond.
So I tell her that I am buying them both and she can decide later. The leftover one can be socks for her.
"Yes please!", she responds. 

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