11 June 2016

New Colours

One interesting aspect of knitting for others is the opportunity to experience and appreciate new colours. Take this mustard toned Manos del Uruguay Allegria for instance. It was purchased, with The Daughter's help, to knit gifts socks for her best friend. Normally, this is a tone my eyes would pass right over on my way to the blues and reds.

"That one up there", said The Daughter pointing to the top row. "She'll love that."

It's true. The young woman wears this family of colours all the time. And now, like a pop song dismissed when heard for the first time, but that grows on you with repeated listening, I am coming to like this colour. The bald statement, "I don't like mustard" has been reconsidered. Every time I look at the rich tonal dyeing on this sock yarn, I appreciate it more and more.

Here we have the socks in progress for Brother of Best Friend - much more within my comfort zone in purple and blue. Both "children", now in their twenties, have birthdays in early August, so knitting socks for them now is a nice leisurely warm weather pastime. 

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