26 May 2016

Art and Fashion

One last post about my Chicago trip. For what's a trip without a little window gazing? I am quite enamored of these displays at Chanel on Michigan Avenue. The whimsy of the airline theme mixed with classic Chanel details delights me. I especially love the three piece skirt set though I suspect that for me, the light blue shirtwaist is more flattering. As if I would ever have the opportunity to wear Chanel in the first place!
I do admit that the shoe choice leaves me puzzling.

And what's this? I excitedly posted this photo of Marcel Duchamp's Hat Rack on my Facebook page and got barely a look. Coming across this 1964 signed repro of the 1916 Dada milestone at the Art Institute set my heart pounding. You can clearly see his signature. Am I the only geek to be thrilled by this?

So cool!

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