17 April 2016

A Hat For a Boy or Yarn Is A Funny Thing

I knit this watch cap for my guy as a Christmas gift. Well, I knit this pattern. the gift cap was navy blue and worked in Cascade 220. He loves it and looks surprisingly smashing it so he wanted another in a second colour. He requested gray to match his good overcoat.

This charcoal gray version is also Cascade 220. Here's the funny thing. You'll notice the gray is slightly heathered? Well the short white fibers used to create the heathering differ from the main wool. They are coarser and slightly straighter. Consequently, the yarn of this cap behaves entirely differently from the first, navy blue, version. It is spongier, less springy. The finished product feels thicker. Both hats are very nice but isn't it remarkable that the addition of one small element makes them seem as if they were knit from completely different yarns?

09 April 2016



You who think I find words for everything,
and you for whom I write this,
how can I show you what I'm barely
coming into possession of, invisible luggage
of more than fifty years, looking at first
glance like everyone else's, turning up
at the airport carousel
and the waiting for it, knowing what nobody
would steal must eventually come round -
feeling obsessed, peculiar, longing?

Adrienne Rich
Contradictions: Tracking Poems
Your Native Land, Your Life, 1986