03 March 2016

The Integration of the Books: The Make Version

Integrating the books of two people into one collection is an intimate activity.

"Do you think Milton will be OK beside Yeats?" I asked when combining our collections. Thus Bill Bryson is hanging out with John Ashbery, Jamie Oliver with Sophie Grigson. It's a very friendly, if somewhat self congratulatory, hall bookshelf.

Problems arose when moving over to the corner. There just wasn't enough room for all our things combined. His martial arts volumes take up considerable space as do my knitting magazines. Neither of us could, or should be expected to, put into storage such integral parts of ourselves.

Now, he is a buyer and I am a maker. A "make doer" is more accurate a term. My magazines had been living in milk crates. Though they fit perfectly into the available space, a more aesthetically pleasing solution was desperately needed. So, while he was scouring around for the perfect thing to buy, I picked up some inexpensive fabric that closely matched the existing Ikea shelves and wrapped it around the crates. 

I quite like the result. It's not fancy but it is tidy and does the job. It also gives my yarn bowl the prominent home it deserves.

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