14 March 2016

Not So Vintage

What exactly is "vintage"? I often find myself wondering about the definition of this particular word as it applies to clothing. More and more I see 80`s style referred to as vintage. I have a problem with this simply because I was alive and wearing the clothes of that time. As a child of the 60`s and 70`s, fashion was then for me what the "grown-ups" wore, so yes, that feels nostalgic to me. But the eighties? My first adult personal wardrobe choices (sometimes unfortunate ones) were made in the mid-eighties. How can my own fashion evolution be historical? How can items possibly be vintage when I still own and wear one or two of them?

We are, as they say, none of us getting any younger.

Well, vintage or not here is a beauty from an old Pingouin Ete. Isn't it perfect and light and summery? It's one I've been eyeing for several years. I have a crazy fantasy that it would look cute on me. However, this I know from experience to be highly unlikely. I've tried on many dresses of this shape in the past. I even tried to knit something similar about ten years ago. Loose fitting A-line dresses just don't suit me and no amount of wishing will change the fact. 

The yarn used in this pattern is Pingouin Nacre, a DK cotton/rayon blend long since discontinued. This meant the dress could happily live on in my fantasy world. Then the other day, I happened into Americo and saw their oh-so-lovely Bebe yarn which is almost a perfectly exact yarn substitution. Suddenly, this dress really wants to become reality again. 

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