21 February 2016

More Vintage Goodness

I discovered that the Reference Library has a copy of the original 1972 A Stitch in Time by Jane Waller, so I trotted off to the stacks the other day for a look. It wasn't quite what I expected. Unlike Susan Crawford's current re-creation, with all it's rewritten patterns and beautiful updated photos shoots, this book is simply straight copies of the original black and white patterns. The chapters are organized by decade with one short introductory chapter being the only current commentary.

It was great fun to spend an hour seeing how pattern language has changed over the past 90 years. For the most part I found the instructions clear enough that, had I wanted to, I could have executed the pieces. Yarn gauge would likely be the biggest challenge. Of course I took a few snaps and photocopies.

Stunning! I feel like this is pale gray/blue.
The frills on the blouse are knit separately then sewn on.
 I wonder if it would be possible to do by picking up stitches?
Very sassy and current.
I picture this in Cascade 220.
Though I've been admiring the Susan Crawford book on line for ages and following her blog, I've never seen the actual paper book. The Toronto library doesn't have a copy nor do I know of anyone who does. Short of ordering a copy from England (an endeavour too dear for me at this time), I don't know how to solve this conundrum. Any of my friends out there have a copy they'd care to loan?

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