18 February 2016


So I mentioned already that I moved. It's a wonderful thing to find someone whose face you want to see every day.

Truth? I have been finding the adjustment difficult. This is a very different neighbourhood than what I'm used to. I've never lived high in the sky before. In fact I've never had to go down more than one flight of stairs to plant my feet firmly on Mother Earth. I'm also used to seeing old people and children. Cats and gardens. Here downtown in condo-land the population is pretty homogenous. I'm often the oldest person in the elevator.

Now, I don't want to focus on the negative. I am determined to find the quirks about this neighbourhood that I will love and the places I will feel comfortable. So, I take myself out exploring. Last week I rode my bike south, against a wind to the industrial port lands .

There is a huge Asian grocery a short walk away.
Yay! All my soy product needs will be met. I bought tofu, miso paste and bok choy.
Delicious stir fry was the result.

Heading a little further along, one finds some great industrial views.
 I am someone who needs beauty and this is beautiful to me.
My working class background? My daddy was a steelworker after all.
See that tall building in the centre distance. Yup, that's home.

Cool to be the only person on the shore.

Of course there must be bars cuz we all know I love a good bar.
It must be the kind of bar where a girl can hang out comfortably alone.
I like this one only when my fella is with me so it's not the one. Still searching.

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