25 February 2016

Blue and Brown

Life is too short to wear unsatisfactory knitting. I was very unhappy with the shawl I originally knit with this Sweet Georgia Sock yarn. Not being shy about ripping, I did exactly that after just one wear. Why let beautiful yarn languish as a never-worn garment? 

Recently a friend introduced me to the Imagine When shawl. A little light went on as I pictured this yarn becoming garter stitch in short rows. I think the variegation looks nice in these triangular panels and is not too busy. 

The pattern calls for 500 metres and I have only about 340 so I'm inserting a panel of leftover Koigu from my Fella's gift scarf. Turns out the blues match almost exactly. Stash busting! It's all good.

Hello Lucy. Settling into your new home?

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