15 February 2016

Ah, The Seventies

I've mentioned before how much I love 1970's outerwear. To paraphrase Carly Simon, Nobody did it better.

Moving into a smaller space has necessitated much sorting. Some of my vintage magazine collection had to be packed into storage. While I'm sad that I will no longer have easy access to all my things, it has been fun looking through it all. These beautiful sweaters, hats, and jackets are from the 1973-74 Fall/Winter McCall's Needlework.

My absolute favourite. The ease of the silhouette, the pockets, the cables.
Timeless elegance.
I especially love the garter stitch collar.
Very similar in shape to the above classic seventies cardigan,
 this piece is somehow reminiscent of the twenties as well. 
Think Daisy Buchanan.

Knitted coats. How?
And does anybody know how to rock hats and gloves like this anymore?

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