25 February 2016

Blue and Brown

Life is too short to wear unsatisfactory knitting. I was very unhappy with the shawl I originally knit with this Sweet Georgia Sock yarn. Not being shy about ripping, I did exactly that after just one wear. Why let beautiful yarn languish as a never-worn garment? 

Recently a friend introduced me to the Imagine When shawl. A little light went on as I pictured this yarn becoming garter stitch in short rows. I think the variegation looks nice in these triangular panels and is not too busy. 

The pattern calls for 500 metres and I have only about 340 so I'm inserting a panel of leftover Koigu from my Fella's gift scarf. Turns out the blues match almost exactly. Stash busting! It's all good.

Hello Lucy. Settling into your new home?

21 February 2016

More Vintage Goodness

I discovered that the Reference Library has a copy of the original 1972 A Stitch in Time by Jane Waller, so I trotted off to the stacks the other day for a look. It wasn't quite what I expected. Unlike Susan Crawford's current re-creation, with all it's rewritten patterns and beautiful updated photos shoots, this book is simply straight copies of the original black and white patterns. The chapters are organized by decade with one short introductory chapter being the only current commentary.

It was great fun to spend an hour seeing how pattern language has changed over the past 90 years. For the most part I found the instructions clear enough that, had I wanted to, I could have executed the pieces. Yarn gauge would likely be the biggest challenge. Of course I took a few snaps and photocopies.

Stunning! I feel like this is pale gray/blue.
The frills on the blouse are knit separately then sewn on.
 I wonder if it would be possible to do by picking up stitches?
Very sassy and current.
I picture this in Cascade 220.
Though I've been admiring the Susan Crawford book on line for ages and following her blog, I've never seen the actual paper book. The Toronto library doesn't have a copy nor do I know of anyone who does. Short of ordering a copy from England (an endeavour too dear for me at this time), I don't know how to solve this conundrum. Any of my friends out there have a copy they'd care to loan?

18 February 2016


So I mentioned already that I moved. It's a wonderful thing to find someone whose face you want to see every day.

Truth? I have been finding the adjustment difficult. This is a very different neighbourhood than what I'm used to. I've never lived high in the sky before. In fact I've never had to go down more than one flight of stairs to plant my feet firmly on Mother Earth. I'm also used to seeing old people and children. Cats and gardens. Here downtown in condo-land the population is pretty homogenous. I'm often the oldest person in the elevator.

Now, I don't want to focus on the negative. I am determined to find the quirks about this neighbourhood that I will love and the places I will feel comfortable. So, I take myself out exploring. Last week I rode my bike south, against a wind to the industrial port lands .

There is a huge Asian grocery a short walk away.
Yay! All my soy product needs will be met. I bought tofu, miso paste and bok choy.
Delicious stir fry was the result.

Heading a little further along, one finds some great industrial views.
 I am someone who needs beauty and this is beautiful to me.
My working class background? My daddy was a steelworker after all.
See that tall building in the centre distance. Yup, that's home.

Cool to be the only person on the shore.

Of course there must be bars cuz we all know I love a good bar.
It must be the kind of bar where a girl can hang out comfortably alone.
I like this one only when my fella is with me so it's not the one. Still searching.

15 February 2016

Ah, The Seventies

I've mentioned before how much I love 1970's outerwear. To paraphrase Carly Simon, Nobody did it better.

Moving into a smaller space has necessitated much sorting. Some of my vintage magazine collection had to be packed into storage. While I'm sad that I will no longer have easy access to all my things, it has been fun looking through it all. These beautiful sweaters, hats, and jackets are from the 1973-74 Fall/Winter McCall's Needlework.

My absolute favourite. The ease of the silhouette, the pockets, the cables.
Timeless elegance.
I especially love the garter stitch collar.
Very similar in shape to the above classic seventies cardigan,
 this piece is somehow reminiscent of the twenties as well. 
Think Daisy Buchanan.

Knitted coats. How?
And does anybody know how to rock hats and gloves like this anymore?

09 February 2016

Who Else Knew About This??

New Book!!! New Book!!!

So, it appears I may have purchased a book. I do love my ever growing knitting library. Browsing through it inspires me when I need a creative kick, even though I know that much of it contains patterns I will never get around to knitting. 

Not so the case with Lace One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace. Immediately I knew there are at least a dozen projects I want to knit and wear. Right now! As a knitter with a large single skein collection, this is a great book for me. For my first project, I cast on the Flemish Lace Socks using my new Zen Yarn Garden sparkly hand dyed. 


And then this happened. Who else knew about this and why did you never tell me?!  This is my first toe-up sock. The pattern instructs you, quite clearly & with great pictures, to use Judy's Magic Cast-On. So I grasped my yarn and needles tightly and blindly followed the steps. On just the second try I got this! A beautiful closed toe that puts all my grafting to shame. I am gobsmacked. It has been a while since I picked up a new skill. This is very exciting.