30 January 2016

Yarn and Shoes. What's Not to Love?

I went to a knitting event the other night at a shoe store of all places. It was a cross promotion between Zen Yarn Garden and Fluevog. Now the store is quite close so I thought I'd drop in. I expected to find a few skeins on display and some casual shoppers. What a surprise to find the place jam packed with knitters, many of whom I knew,  and to see a huge selection of yarns specially dyed for the occasion. I wish I had brought my camera but you can see Zen's photo here

Yarn and shoes were on sale and people were happily buying both. The yarn matched the shoes! I chose a delicious sparkly sock yarn and a stunning wool/silk/cashmere blend in rich blue and green. I did not buy any of the very lovely but very pricey shoes. Yes, I went off my yarn diet but I got carried away by the festive atmosphere. Kudos to whoever thought of this different and fun event. It was a blast.
Photo from the Zen Yarn Garden site

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Julie Crawford said...

what a really clever idea- who wouldn't want to knit a cowl or a scarf to match their shoes?! genius. Love your new yarn purchases.