11 January 2016

Nothing But Mittens

You know how obligation knitting can sometimes drag you down? Last winter, both The Daughter & I lost a mitten - she the left, me the right. Between us we had a mismatched pair; same pattern, different yarns. I thought nothing could be simpler than whipping off a couple of replacements of this Robin Melanson pattern. Wrong I was. 
Somehow I must have made an error in my original Ravelry entry because the new left mitt I produced for the kid was the wrong shade of Cascade 220 Red. She still has no matching pair! I shrugged and went on to mine in Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. I discovered too late that I had screwed up again by inexplicably boggling the cuff. It looks nothing like its mate. Oh well, nothing long sleeves can't hide!
I am now, with great mother guilt, knitting a third Daughter mitt. No knitter would let someone wonder the town in unmatched knit wear. I can't wait for this to be over! It's all I've worked on since the holidays and, with the stress of packing for my move, I need some fun knitting. I am itching to cast on some lace.

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