30 January 2016

Yarn and Shoes. What's Not to Love?

I went to a knitting event the other night at a shoe store of all places. It was a cross promotion between Zen Yarn Garden and Fluevog. Now the store is quite close so I thought I'd drop in. I expected to find a few skeins on display and some casual shoppers. What a surprise to find the place jam packed with knitters, many of whom I knew,  and to see a huge selection of yarns specially dyed for the occasion. I wish I had brought my camera but you can see Zen's photo here

Yarn and shoes were on sale and people were happily buying both. The yarn matched the shoes! I chose a delicious sparkly sock yarn and a stunning wool/silk/cashmere blend in rich blue and green. I did not buy any of the very lovely but very pricey shoes. Yes, I went off my yarn diet but I got carried away by the festive atmosphere. Kudos to whoever thought of this different and fun event. It was a blast.
Photo from the Zen Yarn Garden site

11 January 2016

Nothing But Mittens

You know how obligation knitting can sometimes drag you down? Last winter, both The Daughter & I lost a mitten - she the left, me the right. Between us we had a mismatched pair; same pattern, different yarns. I thought nothing could be simpler than whipping off a couple of replacements of this Robin Melanson pattern. Wrong I was. 
Somehow I must have made an error in my original Ravelry entry because the new left mitt I produced for the kid was the wrong shade of Cascade 220 Red. She still has no matching pair! I shrugged and went on to mine in Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. I discovered too late that I had screwed up again by inexplicably boggling the cuff. It looks nothing like its mate. Oh well, nothing long sleeves can't hide!
I am now, with great mother guilt, knitting a third Daughter mitt. No knitter would let someone wonder the town in unmatched knit wear. I can't wait for this to be over! It's all I've worked on since the holidays and, with the stress of packing for my move, I need some fun knitting. I am itching to cast on some lace.

01 January 2016

My January 1, 2016 Facebook Post

2015 was the year I became involved in the workers' rights movement, saw my lover through major surgery, ran the main gate at The Indy for the first time, marched with 10,000 others for the climate, had and healed from a serious cycling accident (and first ever ambulance ride!), decided to move in with Michael, ate oysters for the first time, deepened my friendship with my adult daughter Leah , loved my friends more than ever and danced a lot!
My intentions for 2016 (because I never make resolutions) are to continue to embrace change and opportunity and to make the most of every day by being good to my body and spending time with good people. Love you all. Happy New Year!