01 November 2015

Post Every Day?

Apparently it is NaBloPoMo, (National Blog Post Month) an event that started many years ago to coincide with National Write a Novel in November. Essentially, the idea is to post to your blog every single day in November. I participated in NaKniSweMo a few years ago and knit a sweater in a month but post to the blog every single day? I don't think I have it in me. However, I have been thinking I'd like to blog much more as a path to increasing my writing skills and my creativity flow. I think I shall declare November my Post As Much As You Can month. 

So, November 1:
I finished the knee socks. They look as cute as can be and were fun to knit. Unfortunately, the silly things don't stay up at all. They started drooping as soon I walked from the front door to the back yard to take my photos. How very frustrating. They are now languishing on my bedroom chair while I come up with ideas on fixing the problem.

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