30 November 2015

It Turns Out That

Post As Much As You Can means not very much at all. Well, that`s OK.

Last night after dinner we were sitting at the table when a song comes on. James Taylor - one I`d never heard before. He declared he loved it and turned it up. Proceeded to sing how he feels well when I`m around while I lay my head on the table and tried not to weep like a sentimental fool. When I raised my head, his eyes too, were full of tears.
"You`re a hard hearted Hannah," he says.

23 November 2015


Confide in the darkness that inspires
Like death. Breath whitens the winter panes.
In streets below your window, fallen wires
Confide in the darkness that inspires.
Night is vital. Void desires
Return to soil like dead-end lanes.
Confide in the darkness that inspires
Like death. Breath whitens the winter panes.

Steven Heighton
Exile The Literary Quarterly  
Vol 18, 1994

17 November 2015

Mystery Solved

What luck. What a coincidence!

We received a new shipment of sock yarn at the store the other day.

"This looks familiar!" I said to myself, eyeing the Ancient Arts. It is definitely the mystery yarn with which I've been making my latest socks. I remember it looking exactly like this on the skein all those years ago. And, now that I think of it, the word "Art" was in the name. 

As it turns out, I was mistaken in recalling silk. This yarn is merino wool with nylon. It just feels like silk.

12 November 2015

Red WIPs

I was sorting through my WIPs drawer today. My, that's a lot of red! A lace weight cardi and a lace stole are there. Both are languishing. So...what else can one do but cast on a worsted weight hat? In red of course!

09 November 2015

City Street, Night Walking

The urban landscape is my landscape. I am at home here.

The book store is closed...

...but the variety store is open late.

The jazz bar is open later.

06 November 2015

Page 57

If I photograph half empty bars, I may become a poet.

   "But where, woman wailing above your station, is it you want to go to, get to, accomplish, communicate? Can't you be amply satisfied with such pain, such babies, such balancing? 
   No. No. There's a blood-flecked urge to go even a step further.
   Above the laughter, above the miseries, above the clatter of glasses and the cries of children, I hear a voice saying: Isn't there some statement you'd like to make? Anything noted while alive? Anything felt, seen, heard, done? You are here. You're having your turn. Isn't there something you know and nobody else does? What if nobody listens? Is it all to be wasted? All blasted? What about the pricey pain?  What about those people. They sit outside this story, but give it its shape. If it has a shape. What about all the words that were said and all the words that were never said?"

Elizabeth Smart
The Assumption of the Rogues & Rascals
Paladin Grafton Books, 1991
original publisher, Jonathan Cape Ltd, Great Britain 1978

03 November 2015

Picture Place

My current window

It's funny what you think of in times of stress isn't it?
Yesterday, while editing my most recent sock photos, it struck me that this is possibly the last pair of socks to be photographed by this window. You see, I am moving in 2 months. My fella and I are combining households. This of course is a joyous life event. Still, I am finding it hard to say goodbye to certain unexpected things about the apartment that has been my home for so long. When the fact dawned, that for seven years, all my Rav sock photos have been taken in the perfect light of this window, I actually got a little misty. Silly me.

My new window in the sky.

01 November 2015

Post Every Day?

Apparently it is NaBloPoMo, (National Blog Post Month) an event that started many years ago to coincide with National Write a Novel in November. Essentially, the idea is to post to your blog every single day in November. I participated in NaKniSweMo a few years ago and knit a sweater in a month but post to the blog every single day? I don't think I have it in me. However, I have been thinking I'd like to blog much more as a path to increasing my writing skills and my creativity flow. I think I shall declare November my Post As Much As You Can month. 

So, November 1:
I finished the knee socks. They look as cute as can be and were fun to knit. Unfortunately, the silly things don't stay up at all. They started drooping as soon I walked from the front door to the back yard to take my photos. How very frustrating. They are now languishing on my bedroom chair while I come up with ideas on fixing the problem.