17 October 2015

Yard Sale!

It's hard to believe I don't own most of this stuff anymore. Even harder is that I owned it all in the first place.

Last weekend, on a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday, I hauled my belongings onto the front lawn to be viewed and pawed and (hopefully) bought by passers by. This isn't even all of it! I sold a bunch before I thought to take a photograph.

Notice the large amount of what I call "pretty but useless". So much china, shiny glass, cute collectible and antique pieces. Some of these were my parent's and grandparents'. Much more of it I gathered myself along the way. I thought long and hard about letting it go. When my marriage ended seven years ago and I got my first single place, it was very important to me to create a pleasing, comfortable space. I filled my apartment, somewhat unconsciously, with pretty girly things. Being surrounded by so much that is visually pleasing and entirely my own, has made me feel safe and comfortable for many years. Now that I've grown and am moving on, I've decided that I don't need to be defined by my stuff anymore. Time to downsize.

Of course I still have my favourite pieces - a lamp, a plate, a clock. I'll never fully renounce my love of all things rose-covered. And though I sold the bulk of my doll collection, most of which is not pictured, making many little girls happy in the process, I did take the four Beautiful Crissy series dolls seen below, back into the house. I decided no one can love them as much as I do. I intend to knit them all new dresses.

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