06 October 2015

Knee High

I've been knitting knee socks! I know!
The last time I knit a pair, they turned out beautifully. Once they were done. Which took forever.

This pair is going along much more quickly. The foot is just 48 stitches around and is flying along. The pattern is from Classic Elite and calls for their worsted weight Mountaintop Vista. Vista is a lovely yarn but I am knitting my socks in Elann Esprit (a Cascade Fixation knock off) because
a) I have no Vista nor any cash to buy some
b) I've knit socks in this elastic/cotton blend before with good results. With the inclusion of elastic, the socks stay up - an especially desirable feature in knee length hosiery.

In the original yarn, the socks look very earthy and natural. Knit in Esprit, they are more nubbly and fun looking. The effect is not intentional but it suits me fine.

I love, love, love this cuff! How can something so simple to knit turn out looking so cool and intriguing? 

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