30 April 2015

It's A Barbie Wedding!

Working at The Frolic this year meant I had no time to shop at all. This is a good thing for my wallet but it also meant I could not spend my traditional half hour looking through all the donated second hand pamphlets they sell for charity. There is always at least one good find and lots of entertainment in the search. Having a total of about 4 free minutes this year meant I had to grab what was close and on top so I chose this doll pattern booklet on impulse. Now that I have it at home, I kind of love it. Check out those bridesmaid dresses! There are even instructions for making that doggie.

My favourite part is the actual dolls. This is the Barbie I remember from the seventies with the round face and those open, lightly made up eyes. I think she is so much prettier than the harsh looking ones sold today.


knitterbeader said...

Looks like some very pretty doll dress patterns are probably in that booklet. Do you make clothes for Barbies in your family? I agree they were a lot softer/prettier than the ones they make now. I used to make clothes for my daughters' Barbies.

Yvette said...

After I scanned this, I put it down somewhere and haven't seen it since. I hate when I do that! It will show up eventually in a really weird place.