27 April 2015

And So We Frolicked

Late in the afternoon there was a quiet moment to take a silly photo.
Oxford defines Frolic as "To play or move about in a cheerful way". Well, yes, amid all the crazy busy, there was some cheerful playing. 

This was my first Frolic on the other side. I've been working casual part-time at my LYS when they are busy, and boy were they busy this past Saturday at the annual fair known as The Knitter"s Frolic. What a new experience. I've always worked customer service but haven't done much direct retail style selling. What fun to promote the products I know well and believe in, and to discover that I am actually good at it. When I was unsure, my lovely co-worker Caroline always helped me cheerfully. She's just wonderful.

Now, even though it is knitting related, it is still event work. Just like theatre festivals and sporting weekends, there is a fast frantic set up followed by a long day on your feet talking to people. Then comes the even faster tear down. The resulting tiredness and sore legs today is something I know well!
Hard to believe we went from this to our booth in four hours.

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