15 July 2014

TTC Knitalong 2014

Saturday July 12 was the annual TTC Knitalong. I've lost count of how many I've done now. Is this my 5th or 6th? regardless, this year was the best ever. The weather was fine and the company even better. Even the TTC co-operated with none of the major crisis that have slowed us down in the past.

I took on a bigger role this year - liaising with our charity, Sistering, doing press and communications and gathering prizes. I even got to see how pinback buttons are made! Fun! I'm not working right now, so it's certainly easy for me to take the time. Also, I just enjoy the work. It makes me feel good to use my skills organizing a fun event that helps such an amazing cause. The more I learn about Sistering, the more I realize just how special and unique they are. The services they provide are truly amazing.

The volunteers that make it all happen. I love these people.

I was very happy to see that one of our LYS's, LadeeBee, carries pottery made at Inspiration Studios which is a Sistering run micro business incubator. I bought that soapdish on the right.

Of course, I have to captain a team that includes my own LYS EweKnit.
My co-captain this year was Christina. She is charming and delightful and I could not ask for better company. The  whole team loved her. We had such a pleasant day.

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