06 July 2014

Getting Gauge

The gauge gods are not with me. 

Despite much swatching, the sweater I cast on earlier this week was coming out far too large. I was knitting the extra small and using a half size smaller needle than recommended. Still, my cardigan was shaping up to be fit for a giant. I ripped it back yesterday and then spent a good amount of the morning doing the math to make the sweater smaller still. 

After all that I hadn't the heart to cast right back on again so I decided to start a simple hat today with my Indigodragonfly MCN Sock. This skein was given to me by a good friend as consolation after my unfortunate losses from nasty yarn eating insects. It has 10% cashmere and is delightfully sumptuous to hold and knit. It's a good thing using this yarn is such a pleasure because after working about an inch of the hat brim, it became obvious that it was coming out much too small. What on earth? I've made this hat at least a half dozen times before. It should be a cake walk. More ripping ensued.

So, after several days of knitting, I've absolutely nothing to show for it. Knitting can be like that. I intend to spend this evening closing the toe on an almost complete pair of socks. Then at least I will have something to show for the weekend.

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