05 June 2014

Make Along Success

Today was the deadline for the EweKnit Summer Top Make Along. I actually finished mine this past weekend.

Of course I couldn't leave the pattern alone and decided on modifications. As written, the cables are supposed to run up the front and the back. I decided I wanted a more simple back so only did the cables on the straps. Then I rather by accident discovered that I like the back worn as front and vice versa. So that is how I shall wear it.
This pattern is from a 2004 issue of Sandra Magazine. Sandra, as I have mentioned before, is a funny one. Often it is so over-the-top but other times, particularly with summer patterns, it gets it just right. Now this pattern had reverse stocking stitch up the middle, a lace bust insert and tassles on the bottom. Leave all that off and follow the instructions? Voila! A lovely top.

It was fun doing this as part of a group project - knitting to a deadline and watching others do the same. Of course, the chance to win a draw prize was quite the incentive. I'll let you know how that goes.

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knitterbeader said...

I like what you've done to this pattern - particularly the short cables on the front!