09 June 2014

Me at 50

Last Friday I turned 50 years old. That damn number has been hanging over my head for months now. I've been obsessing over ageing and all that it brings. I've been fretting about where I am in my life. All my cousins are talking about retiring and here I often feel like I never even got started. No house, no career, no lover. None of the things a a successful woman of a certain age is supposed to have accomplished.

So, what else to do but buy a red dress and throw a dance party? No one was going to do it for me so I did it myself. I got a friend to DJ at my favourite restaurant and I invited everyone I know. I made loot bags from the dollar store and thank you notes on bright pink paper. Twenty-five people came! Some dropped in for a quick hello and others stayed and danced the night away with me. My 20 year old daughter brought her two best childhood friends and they brought their moms and the six of us danced to MC Hammer. Hilarious! My knitting friends gave me yarn and yarn bags and gift certificates for yarn. Other friends bought me drinks. Gave candy and hand crafted jewelry. I was stunned and touched and had such a good time.

So. Here I am at 50. I know that I am lucky. I have an amazing daughter and many wonderful friends. I am healthy enough to dance until 2AM and I still look good in a red dress. Not bad.

Who me, 50?

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