15 June 2014

Is It Blue/Green or Green/Blue?

The Lonely Tree Shawl may have been the fastest knit in my personal knitting history - just 10 days from cast-on to final blocking. It virtually flew off the needles.  Good thing too. Despite it being mid-June, it is still quite cool and a wrap is often needed. Just this morning I threw my Orchid Thief over my shoulders to take a walk in the park.

I am generally happy with the way Lonely Tree turned out except for one thing. The picot bind off is not entirely a success. Each "picot" bump has a little whole in the middle and looks wobbly. I've done this bind off before so am not sure where I went wrong here. Now, I am well acquainted with the "It's a design feature!" adage.  However, in this case, I really wanted it to look like the edge in  pattern photos so I am a little disappointed. Otherwise, it's just lovely. The colour makes me happy.

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