01 June 2014

Happy June Knitting

As soon as I saw this Stoddart Family Farm sock yarn at the Frolic I knew it was my Lonely Tree Shawl. I had seen Alex knitting one at knit night and was immediately smitten with this woolly, heavier-than-usual wrap. The pattern calls for worsted weight and 5mm needles. I've always found Stoddart "fingering" to be on the heavy side. I'm knitting it with 4.5 mm needles and getting great results. The green/blue (or blue/green) colour makes me very happy and this wool feels and smells fantastic. I'm enjoying the contrast of spring colours with the cold weather texture and weight of the yarn. The end product should be quite unique.

This wintry shawl is flying off the needles and will be ready just in time for the heat of summer!

1 comment:

knitterbeader said...

That yarn is beautiful! Look forward to seeing the finished shawl.