03 May 2014


I decided to join Eweknit's summer top MAKE ALONG. What a great idea to get ahead of the season and have something hand made ready to wear when the weather turns warm. It's fun to do this as part of a group and watch the progress of others as we all knit to an early June deadline. The $50 gift certificate prize is a nice incentive as well!

I went way way back into the stash for this one. The pattern is a basic tank with two cable panels. I found it in a 2004 issue of Sandra magazine - always a good source for basic shapes with a bit (or a lot!) of stitch embellishment. The yarn is the discontinued Ella Rae Shibu - a light as air silk with a touch of a viscose binder. I bought 5 skeins years back on sale, thinking it would be just enough to knit a nice light top. Well, it's time has apparently come. The pewter colour is fantastic! I'm using these wood Pony straights because they were the only needles I had dark enough for me to see the yarn easily as I knit. (Curse these aging eyes!) Surprisingly, I'm finding that I am enjoying working with straights again. The wood is very light and smooth. The stitches slide easily. i just can't take the project on the bus so it stays at home on the desk.

Progress goes well. 

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