17 April 2014

Affections For Me Are Misplaced

"The rose is obsolete
but each petal ends in
an edge..."     

William Carlos Williams
Spring and All, 1923

I fashioned a paper doll dress
from the paper roses
that wrapped my Valentine carnations.

I've always liked renderings of roses 
better than roses themselves.

The carnations and daisies in the bouquet
were white and red and adorned
with a tinsel plastic heart,
                                       that heart on a stick.

The roses are pink; combine
into a lovely confection.
It hangs on my wall 
and dresses my doll.

A pretty paper fantasy made
with hands, sugar, tears, glue,
                                       silly but mine,

has lasted. Will last   
than the flowers it wrapped,
the romance that brought it here.   

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