28 April 2014

A Friendly Frolic

On Saturday I attended the Downtown Knit Collective's annual Knitter's Frolic. How wonderful to crawl out of winter hibernation to a place full of colour and inspiration. Having missed the event last year, I was especially looking forward to it. The shopping and browsing are always great but my favourite part is seeing all my knitter friends in one place. You can't turn a corner without seeing a familiar face. It makes me very happy.

Anastasia, Emily, Laura and Christina hanging out at the Creative Yarns booth in their fabulous hand knits.
Caroline was busy but smiling all day at Eweknit.
Everyone knows that the Frolic is also an informal fashion show. We deck out in new pieces and take them for a strut. I wore my just finished Leoni with a cute little skirt, knee socks, and boots. I won't lie by saying that the number of people who stopped to compliment the tunic or ask about the pattern didn't please me. It felt great to have my work recognized. It's such a fun sweater and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

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