23 March 2014

Knitting Through It

Today I am sad, sad, sad. So sad that saying the word once is not enough. Sometimes a person is sad for no reason. Sometimes, shitty things happen that make you feel that way. Sometimes several shitty things happen in succession because life is like that. And sometimes it happens all at once and you cry every day for weeks because your heart is just broken.

But I can do this. I can take pretty silver-gray plied wool and pointy sticks and manipulate them into designs. I can soak and pin out the resulting lace and hang it in my window. This is permanent. I made it and it is very beautiful.


hawknitr13 said...

Yes, it IS beautiful!!!

not an artist said...

Lovely shawl. Sorry to hear about the sad, it seems to be going around thses days. HUGS from another sad-for-no-reason friend :/