07 March 2014

Fashionably Late

She may have arrived late but what an entrance. My new Hetty went out for its first wear yesterday and I felt great in it all day. It fits beautifully (except for an odd bunchy bit under the arms where I picked up awkwardly) and looks so cute with a dress.

Also, thank goodness for the quality of Cascade 220 yarn. It's not the most glamorous yarn on the market but the sturdy highland wool is very reliable. In my enthusiasm, I overblocked. The poor sweater came off the mats looking limp and misshapen. I thought I had ruined it but a quick dampening and reshaping without pins, and it sprung right back to where it needed to be. Love the shape. Love the colour. Love the lace. I will be wearing this cardigan a lot!

1 comment:

hawknitr13 said...

It's really cute on you!!!