26 February 2014

Well I Tried

It was all going so well too!

Sadly, my Ravellinic cardigan came up short. There was a schedule and goals were set that were attainable. Unfortunately life got in the way.

On Sunday we met for brunch, the closing ceremonies, and casting off. We ate a ton and cheered each other's accomplishments. How lovely to sit knitting with the same friends with whom I cast on during the opening ceremonies. How lucky I am to be able to tell them freely that the reason i couldn't finish is that I spent most of last week very ill. My anxiety order flared up big time. My job went south and my hormones went crazy. Whether any of these things was the cause or the effect of any other, the result was the same. I spent much of last week a nervous mess. Knitting is so often the thing that calms me down. You know it's bad when you're too sick to pick up the needles. Oh well. I could still make it to brunch. Being with friends is one of the things I trust when I'm down. As I told a fellow knitter, I know I can be with these people as I am - act like a goof or not say anything at all. It will always be OK.

Onward. Feeling a little better today. The neckband is the only thing left to do on my lovely cardigan. FO pictures are forthcoming!
The beginnings of brunch. The coffee is on, waffles are being made and the potatoes are in the oven!

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