26 January 2014

Pale But Not Pastel

Don't you just love it when life events cooperate with your knitting? 

A few weeks ago while at Eweknit, I came across their store sample of the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi and admired it so that I felt an immediate strong desire to knit one myself. Given my usual indifference to the knitting of all things baby, this urge seemed even more significant.
Then, a week later, The Daughter announced that a favourite colleague at work just shared that she is expecting her first child. Well naturally, at the next knit night I purchased appropriate yarn for the sweater. How could I not?
I chose this Debbie Bliss Ecobaby cotton. It's got a slightly larger gauge than most baby yarns and i need a slightly larger cardigan. This child will be born in summer. She/he will need a fall sweater to be waiting in the drawer for those chilly evenings in the stroller. Also, I simply prefer cotton for a baby and this one is smooth and comfy.
I just love this shade of green. It's not mint, nor is it pastel. It's just very, very pale. With bright buttons, this is going to be a stunning baby fashion.

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