22 January 2014


Remember this? It was the header pic of this blog for quite a long time. It's a detail of some handspun I bought on Ebay way back when I first started stashing and was still using Ebay. It was a lovely thick and thin in pink and lavender tones that I had little intention of ever using. It just sat in the basket looking pretty. You know. Pure stash.
Well, it's gone; a victim of the damn beetles. I lost a fair bit during that unfortunate incident and am mostly over it now, but this loss was a particularly hard one to bear. Alas.

Enough now. Moving forward.
I have been quite productive knitting-wise lately. I'd hoped to be equally productive blog wise in this new year. I'm just waiting for a nice enough day to take a bunch of photos for the blog. Fingers crossed that the day may be tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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