24 November 2013

Even More Red

My local knit night is at my chosen LYS, Eweknit.  One recent Thursday while there, a lovely, lovely thing happened. Connie, a lovely, lovely woman, who I know only from this weekly gathering, approached me saying, 
"You are just the person I'm looking for."
She was holding a paper shopping bag. She explained that she had bought some sale yarn a while back but now realized it wasn't really for her and that she would never use it. 
"You should have it," she said.  "It's your colour." And she handed over the bag.
In it were ten skeins of Marks & Kattens Alpaca. It's a luscious, loosely spun bulky weight that, being vibrant poppy red, can most certainly be described as my colour. I was unbelievably surprised and touched that Connie would think of me this way. Wow. All I could do was say thank you and give her a hug.

Knitters are nice people.

18 November 2013

New Mitts

Like many knitters, I have a large collection of sock yarn partial skeins. It's difficult to know what to do with all those bits and bobs. I've seen some Ravelers make wonderful stripey socks but that requires the yarns to be all the same brand if it's to work well. One can also use up scraps with the old contrasting heel and toe trick.
When I was knitting my Summerworks Socks, I remember thinking that the Schoppel-Wolle Cat Print yarn would look so pretty on my hands and how unfortunate it was that there wouldn't be enough left over. Then I saw this pattern in Veronik Avery's Knitting 24/7. The original pattern is done in dramatic red and white. My version is far more subtle, using solid Cascade Heritage to offset the variegated yarn. My cable pattern is knit incorrectly as well. There were slipped stitches within the cable crosses that I just couldn't master so I knit everything on those rows. I think the effect, though quite different from the original intention, is quite fetching.

Conclusion? I call this experiment in stash busting a success and see many more stripey projects in my future.