25 July 2013

The 2013 TTC Knitalong. Wow.

The 2013 TTC Knitalong has come and gone. It was the largest yet with eleven locations (not including the pub!) and over 120 participants. I had a blast working with so many amazing people pulling this thing off, Fun fact: As an entire group, the volunteers meet only twice - once at the beginning of the process and not again until the evening before the event. The rest of the work is done in singles and pairs and with many, many group emails.You wouldn't think it would work, but miraculously, it does.
We raised $1600 for our charity, Sistering this year. This may not seem like much to some, but it's our best year yet and we're very pleased. Not bad for an event that began eight yeas ago as a little shopping spree.
Oh, and I may have acquired some yarn on the trip.
Fooling around at Americo

The day's haul.

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knitterbeader said...

Congratulations on the success! Thank you for commenting on my now "retired" blog. It's been nice to not feel pressured to post, but I'm not ruling out coming back at some point in time. Thank you for following.
Darlene @ Knitterbeader's Place