17 July 2013

An Absence

I've been away from my blog for a bit. It's not been an intentional absence. I think I just temporarily ran out of things to say. I blogged so much for the Knitalong, Then my camera died. Then there was a heatwave and my knitting slowed way down. At times I'd feel guilty about not posting. At those times I'd remind myself that, hey, this is a hobby. It's supposed to be fun. It's not like there are rules or anything.

Rest assured, I have been keeping busy.

I finished those Mary Maxim socks.
Glenna's Ribbed Sock knit with Mary Maxim Gemstone alternating two skeins.

I went to WWKIP Day in High Park where Sistering had a weaving display.

I bought sock yarn at The Romni summer sale.
ONLine Supersocke 100 Vintage Color

I've been reading Ted Berrigan poetry obsessively:

A Memory Filled With White

If you have a good temper for only a penny
Toot-toot!  and out come the beverages
All Chinese hearts beat for a girl named Nelly
Her secret thought in May is to have pesos
And be immortal
The coast had been scrubbed down prematurely
Like the teeth of some ancient but vital lore
Taking a stroll
And finding brave men dressed in silence
And are effeminate
Having dinner on the coast 
Is that an emblem of a name for summer
A real vacation?

Ted Berrigan & Ron Padgett  Bean Spasms
Granary Books 2012, Originally published by Kulchur Press 1967

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